Everyone needs something beautiful and exciting, both to look at and to touch. My paintings are often related to natur be it of birds or landskabes they are pleasing and relaxing to look at.

Get inspiration for your next exhibition in your gallery, for a wedding present, the unique corporate gift, or in the art association, something special to your friends or maybe just something to pamper yourself with. I also do special work on order. For ideas , you can go straight to the product overview  or go to my gallery. and see some of the sold work.

The Gallery on Abbetvedvej 3 is always open by appointment  also for groups of up to 15. Just ring on Tel. 0045 23 11 66 23 or mail .

Upcoming exhibitions

Allerslev Rådhuset in Lejre, 01. o5. 2023 – 26. 05. 2023

The 3 yearly ART DAYS in Lejre 27.- 28.- 29. 05. 2023 –  in our own gallery on

Abbetvedvej 3, Gevninge, 4000 Roskilde, open from 11.00 – 17.00 all days

Sincerely, Joe Pearson –


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