Joe Pearson

omjoe_1A wood turners story

Since childhood, I have been interested in trees. I grew up in Sussex in the south of England, where giant trees grew in abundance. It was an ideal playground for a clambering-happy boy, and the growths, burrs and the twisting branches set my fantasy racing.

Crown Princess Mary visit my booth at Garden Living Fair 2012


On my arrival in Denmark, as a young man, I took a joinery apprenticeship and then as a master joiner, I have been a mastercaperter and have had my own firm for 35 years. However, times change, burls and imperfections, instead of being faults, have become my artistic palette to be opened and explored. Every time I place a new piece of wood on the lathe, it is the beginning of a journey, where I try to find and enhance the woods natural beauty, its fantastic structure and colour, in a form that is unique but also is pleasing to feel and look at. What more can I say, except…. I hope, you will enjoy the forms I have created, and maybe you too, will take an extra look at the trees you pass by and speculate a little on what hidden treasures there could be inside them.

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