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The wood I use, I find in the lokal woods or on and around burial mounds on the lokal Estates of Lindholm or Ledreborg, or it may be several hundred years old wood from timbered houses from Skjoldenæsholm , or bog oak from the marshes in “The Land of Legends,”

Often I leave the freshly cut wood on the ground for a few weeks on different types of soil , so natures fungi can transform and elaborate the wood to show new textures and colourings. I hope you will enjoy what I have made​​, and might in the future just look twice at the trees you pass by, and speculate a little over if maybe there lies a hidden treasure in there. If you are lucky enough to find an exciting piece of wood that you wish to have made ​​a unique thing of, you’re welcome to take it out to my workshop. 

My products at the gallery on Abbetvedvej 3 Gevninge, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark. can only be purchased in cash (we don´t take cards). We will also gladly send the goods by post surcharges.

The Gallery on Abbetvedvej 3 is always open by appointment, also for groups of up to ca. 25 persons. Just phone on Tel. 0045 23 11 66 23 or mail

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